Gettting Car Ready for Winter Driving

Winter is Coming and Is Your Car Ready?

Gettting Car Ready for Winter Driving

Well, Winter is coming and tht means we here in Maine will be driving in the snow soon. Getting your car ready for winter is important so you don’t get stuck out there in a storm. There are several things you should consider checking before that snow flies.

At Indian Road Auto, we can check your car over and see if it is ready for winter. Give us a call today at 207-737-4848  and schedule a time to come in.

Things to consider having checked out below!

It’s pretty until you have to drive in it.

Bankos says driving in winter weather is not something to mess around with.

You should make sure your car is in tip-top shape before the freezing temperatures hits.

There are 5 things Bankos says you should definitely check out before driving this winter:

1. anti-freeze
2. wiper blades
3. tire tread
4. tire pressure
5. charging system and the battery

And when it comes to things like batteries, the mechanic says you don’t need to spend top dollar.

He says a good battery should cost you about $130.

“That $280 dollar battery will most likely last you 5-6 years instead of the 4-6 years. So you’re not gaining a whole lot.”

What about things that you may not need at all?

Unless we get an epic snow storm like last year,two years ago, you probably won’t need snow tires.

“A good all season tire will do just fine in Maine.”

However, he says you need to check the tread on your tires.

We asked him about the trick to make the tires last a little longer by taking some air out – which gives you more surface area and traction in snow. He says it does work,  but he doesn’t recommend it.

“You don’t want to run them like that for 500-1,000 miles because you’re going to wear out the outer edges then.”

Some auto body shops will tell you to put nitrogen in your tires, because that gas is less likely to deflate when it’s super cold.

While Bankos says that’s true, he says it’s not necessary if your tire sensor is working properly.

Also, he says once you use nitrogen in your tires you shouldn’t go back to regular air.

“It’s not a good idea to mix the air with the nitrogen at that point.”

But let’s be honest with ourselves, sometimes we get a little lazy with car maintenance in the winter.

“I’m guilty of it too. I woke up a little late. I got to get to work. I’m turning the wipers on to try to scrape that frost off. I’ll even use the washer fluid to try to melt the frost off it. I’ve done it. That’ s the worst thing you can do.”

That can rip your wiper blades and cost you some cash.

So, when something does go wrong with your vehicle and it needs to be checked out, Bankos says you should always ask to physically see the problem before paying for something you might not need.

“We will show it to you. We should prove it to you beyond unreasonable doubt that you need it.”

If you think a deal is too good to be true, Bankos says trust your gut.

While a cheap price for labor may seem like the best deal, the mechanic says some auto body shops will charge you a small base price, but then jack up the price of things like belts and air filters, so you end up paying more.

“Sometimes cheaper actually means more expensive.”

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